Tongji University

College of Architecture and Urban Planning
Shanghai, China

CAUP (College of Architecture and Urban Planning) of Tongji University aims to be universally recognized with a global vision. Since its establishment in 1952, CAUP has already had three departments: architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture, with more than 3000 students and 250 faculty members. It keeps pace with global development of architecture and urban planning in the new century. CAUP's mission is to get a thorough research integrating aesthetics, technology and sociology; sustain excellence in teaching new generation of architecture, planning and landscape design. Under the circumstances of global information explosion, CAUP emphasizes "ecological city, green building, heritage conservation and digital design", following basic principle of sustainability.

CAUP is supported by four main values:
1. Academic and Democratic;
2. Practical Education;
3. Energetic and Innovative;
4. International Cooperation

As a college of multi-discipline in China, CAUP is well equipped and accessible to brilliant faculty and students, attracting professors, architects and students worldwide.

Welcome to CAUP Tongji, the "Archiport"!

Degree Programs at Tongji University College of Architecture and Urban Planning

Undergraduate Programme
Tongji-UNSW Dual Degree in Architecture

Undergraduate courses take four years to complete. According to the teaching specialisms and facilities of the two universities, students will study at Tongji University, China in the first one and a half years, spend the next two years in the University of New South Wales, Australia and return to Tongji for the last half year.

All the courses are conducted in English, and design studios are instructed by some of the world’s leading architects, such as Glenn Murcutt and Yung Ho Chang. The undergraduates will be awarded bachelor degrees from both universities. Graduates are suitably equipped to practise architecture in both China and English-speaking countries.

Link to UNSW Faculty of Built Environment

Master of Architecture-Doctor of Architecture
Tongji-UHM Dual Degree Program

The College of Architecture and Urban Planning at Tongji University in China and the School of Architecture at the University of Hawaii, Manoa in the United States are partnering to offer a unique dual degree opportunity that will result in an accredited Master of Architecture in China and an accredited Doctor of Architecture in the United States. This Dual Degree programme Global Track / China and United States Focus is a three-year-option, which includes coursework both in China and the United States.

Candidates could apply for the Master of Architecture programme at Tongji University or apply for a doctoral programme at the University of Hawaii. Only students of the highest level will be accepted. Candidates will be screened for academic, personal, linguistic qualifications and intercultural competencies.

Link to UHM School of Architecture

Additional Information

Additional information on Tongji University can be found on the websites of the College of Architecture and Urban Planning and of its Department of Architecture